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Horror Movie Madness

From slasher to supernatural, paranormal to psychological, and whatever the hell Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey is, horror is maybe the most prolific genre in cinema history. Find out which horror movie stands above them all in Horror Movie Madness! Circuit Artwork With Animated Movie Madness in the rearview mirror, it was time for The Circuit to move on to the next bracket! We're back with the latest edition; Horror Movie Madness! The 33 (in-arguably) best spooky/scary/downright disturbing movies of all-time thrown into one field of chaos! Follow the link to check out the episode and play along with all the madness! Horror Movie Madness
----------------------------------------- Bracket Spoilers Lie Ahead-------------------------------------
Here's who was on the famous "Committee" for the Horror Movie Madness selection process: - Robert Englund - Erin Andrews - Austin Reaves - Nikki Haley - Hayden Christiansen - Breanna Stewart - Hasbulla - TAYLOR SWIFT And unfortunately, we sent out an invite to Daniel Jones, but Micah Parsons kept slamming him into the wall so we asked him to leave. Now off to the regions! Let's start with the top overall seed out in the East Region in Buffalo: Much ado about The Thing being in the play-in; I get it, you loved when you were 9. It's a good movie! Is it great? I would argue not. The 5 films that weren't in the 7 auto-categories (Slasher, monster, supernatural, comedy, gore, haunted house, psychological) were all put on the 8-line. That's why it's that low! Other than that, pretty chalk throughout the region. Poor Georgie, died for nothing. Now let's head to Southern California for the South Region to see who will take on Nightmare on Elm Street in the Fin Four! The titanic matchup of the entire tournament! The one I had circled from the beginning: Psycho vs. Scream. In my humble opinion, the two greatest horror movies of all-time. Couldn't go wrong either way, and ultimately tradition outlasted innovation. In other news, Cabin taking out Alien was a true shocker. Now let's take a trip to Haddonfield to see how the North Region played out! From being questioned about the validity of its horror resume to in the Fin Four! What a ride (or swim?) for Jaws through the notoriously dry Haddonfield. Michael Myers can kill many things; teenagers and inuksuks in the woods, spirits and questionable families in New York, but he can't take down a mother fucking shark! Time to wrap up the regions by heading West to the Overlook Hotel, where maybe the most eventful region in the tournament played out... Down goes The Shining! And not even to a good movie. Thankfully, the Power of Christ compelled Joey to not pick that stupid movie to make it to the Fin Four. Who will win the ultimate Horror crown? And who won the secret 3rd place game? Let's check out the Fin Four! There were two clear favorites heading into this Fin Four, but shockingly only ONE of them made it to the finals! The Exorcist defeating Nightmare was the inevitable outcome there, but Psycho failing to make the final was one of the more shocking results of the tournament. At least it took down Jaws in the secret 3rd-place game! There you have it! Make sure to check back in for more great Movie Madness content here at The Circuit! Next up: Musical Movie Madness in November!

Horror Movie Madness
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