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Zach's Bundle of Olympic Runner Excitements

Updated: Sep 21, 2022


Are You Ready?!

They are either moving up to semis or finals or are yet to race.

Emily Sisson: 10k

She burned the competition in the trials. Taking the lead early on and then continuing to negative split her 2nd 5k, setting a meet record of 31:03.82.

Bryce Hoppel: 800

Came in 3rd in the trials, and then 3rd in the Olympic 1st round with a time of 1:45.64. Moving onto the semifinals.

Sydney McLaughlin: 400 Hurdles

Ran a WR time of 51.90 in the trials, then smoothly won her heat in the first Olympic round with a time of 54.65. The favorite to win the gold.

Athing Mu: 800

Won the Trials in an Olympic record of 1:56.07, won her heat of the 1st Olympic round in 2:01.10, and won her heat of the semifinals in 1:58.07. She's heading to the finals and is a favorite to win gold.

Clayton Murphy: 800

Won the Olympic trials in 1:43.17, won his heat of the Olympic first round in 1:45.53, and is moving up to the semifinals. GOLD GOLD GOLD, he's ready.

Cole Hocker: 1500

Cruised passed Centrowitz in the last 100m of the Olympic trials to win in 3:35.28. His form was certainly less smooth than Centrowitz but it doesn't matter because he has an ungodly amount of speed. I hope he can scoop up one of the metals.


It Is Finished...

They either raced finals or they didn't make it to finals. A fun watch none the less.

Joe Klecker: 10k

Joe finished in 16th place with a time of 28:14.18. He fell off the lead pack towards the end of the race. He can certainly run faster, but his future is bright and I'm excited to see where he goes.

Mason Ferlic: 3k Steeple

Came in 8th in the first Olympic round with a time of 8:20.23. This is 9 seconds off his PR, but he's still an Olympian. Glad to see another lanky boy moving.


I'd Love It If They Made It

They made it to the Olympic trials, but didn't qualify for the Olympics.

Ben True: 10k

Came in 4th in the Olympic trials. Always fun to follow this Maine runner, sad to see him not make it in.

Craig Engels: 1500

Mullet boy. I wish he didn't beef with centrowitz.

Cooper Tear: 5k

Another lanky boy. With a 13:13 he definitely could've made it. Wish he could've made it.

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