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Tom Cruise Movie Madness

With Dead Reckoning still in theaters and the biggest movie star in the world fresh off a red-hot 2022, it's time to dive into our first filmography bracket for Tom Cruise Movie Madness! How far can the Mission's go, and which film will win the crown??

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With Sports Movie Madness in the rearview mirror, it was time for The Circuit to move on to the next bracket! We're back with the latest edition; Tom Cruise Movie Madness! The 33 (in-arguably) best Cruise movies of all-time thrown into one field of chaos! Follow the link to check out the episode and play along with all the madness!

----------------------------------------- Bracket Spoilers Lie Ahead-------------------------------------

Here's who was on the famous "Committee" for the Tom Cruise Movie Madness selection process:

- Jerry Seinfeld

- Nicole Kidman

- Pete Davidson

- Megan Rapinoe

- Rory McIlroy

- Cash Me Outside How Bout That Girl

- Physicist Kip Thorne

- Martha Stewart

And unfortunately, Jim Caviezel was on the committee but he was too busy spouting conspiracy theories and trying to give away free tickets to Sound of Freedom which no one wanted so he was asked to leave.

Now off to the regions! Let's start with the top overall seed out in the West Region in Fightertown, USA:

Relative chalk here in the West. The only upset coming in the 4 v 5 matchup, at the expense of one of my personal favorite Mission movies, Ghost Protocol. But in the end, neither a vampire nor a sports agent could stand in the way of everyone's favorite fighter pilot!

Now that Maverick is off to the Fin Four, let's head down to Guantanamo Bay for the South Region to see it will face off with in the semifinals!

Finally Ethan Hunt makes a run! Mission Impossible 3, arguably the best installment, took down a heavyweight in the original Top Gun. Unfortunately, it couldn't handle the truth when going up against the #1 seed Few Good Men. What a matchup that will be in the Fin Four! And respect to Eyes Wide Shut for winning a round; one of the most bizarre movies ever made. Check it out!

Now let's take a rather lengthy road trip to Cincinnati for the North Region!

Big upset here! Rain Man, the #1 seed, goes down in just the second round to the shockingly prescient Minority Report. But clearly that film couldn't see the future, as a couple of pool sharks were able to hustle it right out of the tournament just one round later. Color of Money on to the Fin Four! And justice for the Vanilla Goat.

Time to round out the regions by heading East to London, where there were more than a few surprises in store...

Where to begin!!! Originally, Mission Impossible: Fallout was the #1 seed here in the East, but Kieran B and the Entity had other plans. A backstage sneak-attack led to Dead Reckoning taking it's place as the #1 seed, and ripping through the region. Yet somehow, a movie that wasn't even in the bracket making it to the Fin Four was not even the biggest surprise out East! Somehow, the much maligned, universally disliked Mission Impossible 2 made it to the Elite Eight!?!? Someone needs to show this bracket to Jon Woo, because we undoubtedly have found the world's biggest MI2 fan. Rest in peace to all my Cocktail fans out there; we were robbed!

Who will win the ultimate Cruise crown? And who won the secret 3rd place game? Let's check out the Fin Four!

You hade me at Danger Zone! Amidst some great representation of Tom Cruise through the years, the 2022 legacy sequel knocked out the 1986 legacy sequel in an epic final showdown! And in the secret 3rd place game, in came John Lark and the rest of the Fallout crew to screw over Dead Reckoning and hand Few Good Men the bronze medal. What a finish!

There you have it! Make sure to check back in for more great Movie Madness content here at The Circuit! Next up: Animated Movie Madness in September!

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