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The Definitive Ranking of Every Episode of The Office, Part IX

Despite the success The Office had during its initial run on cable, the show's popularity has exploded ten-fold in the age of streaming. Becoming the spirit show for millennials all over the globe, The Office became one of the most iconic shows of all-time. We’re here to rank every episode, 1 to 201.

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Here at The Circuit, we loooooove The Office. It’s probably collectively our favorite show. It’s an endless well of content, from ranking the best characters to arguing who the villain of the show is (that article coming soon to The Circuit). But we begin our Office content with perhaps the most ambitious of them all; ranking all 201 episodes of the American workplace sitcom.

Before we begin it’s important to note this is entirely objective. These rankings are final. If you have a different opinion, then we’ll agree that you’re wrong (but seriously, there are 201 of these f*cking things. Our rankings will differ, and that’s okay. As long as we agree that each episode is great, and it’s like choosing a favorite amongst your 201 children. Your poor wife).

We did it! We ranked every single episode of The Office! For this final post, we're taking a look at the wins leaderboard and seeing who came out on top the most during the nine-season run. We hope you had fun reading through these rankings, and hope you continue to enjoy The Office!

24th (tied)

Alfredo's Pizza Cafe- 1 win

Betty White- 1 win

Hilary Swank- 1 win

Captain Jack- 1 win

Broccoli Rob- 1 win

Random Kid Who Gets Off the Bus- 1 win

Garbage the Cat- 1 win

Donna's Husband- 1 win

Random Little Girl- 1 win

Guy Who Sells the Caprese Salad- 1 win

Cathy Simms- 1 win

Roy Anderson- 1 win

Deangelo Vickers- 1 win

Danny Cordray- 1 win

Pete Miller- 1 win

Gabe Lewis- 1 win

Meredith Palmer- 1 win

Jo Bennett- 1 win

Holly Flax- 1 win

16th (tied)

The Audience- 2 wins

Nellie Bertram- 2 wins

Clark Green- 2 wins

David Wallace- 2 wins

Karen Filippelli- 2 wins

Ryan Howard- 2 wins

Angela Martin- 2 wins

Robert California- 2 wins

14th (tied)

Toby Flenderson- 3 wins

Oscar Martinez- 3 wins


Darryl Philbin- 4 wins

10th (tied)

Jan Levinson- 5 wins

Erin Hannon- 5 wins

Kevin Malone- 5 wins

7th (tied)

Phyllis Vance- 6 wins

Stanley Hudson- 6 wins

Kelly Kapore- 6 wins


Creed Bratton- 7 wins


Andy Bernard- 11 wins


Pam Beesly- 18 wins


Jim Halpert- 21 wins


Dwight Schrute- 25 wins


Michael Scott/Prison Mike- 25 wins/1 win

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