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The Circuit 2022 MLB Season Predictions

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

The MLB is back!!! After one of the worst off-seasons I have ever seen from a professional sports league, we’re finally about to head out to the ballpark and see some baseball! So let’s make some predictions!

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Well that was a bit dodgy, wasn’t it? I honestly didn’t think we would see baseball until Memorial Day, so the fact that we are only a week late is both astonishing and exciting. But who will actually win this year?

The Atlanta Braves took home the title last season, but lost Freddie Freeman. The Giants were the best team in the sport in 2021, but lost Kris Bryant to Colorado (Colorado!?!?). The Mets missed the playoffs, but just added Mad Max to deGrom. The Rangers are going for it? The Phillies loaded up! Let’s take a look at some over-unders and predict the final standings for the 2022 season (almost certainly incorrectly).

AL East

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1- Toronto Blue Jays (O/U 92.5= OVER)

2- New York Yankees (O/U 91.5= UNDER)

3- Boston Red Sox (O/U 85.5= OVER)

4- Tampa Bay Rays (O/U 89.5=UNDER)

5- Baltimore Orioles (O/U 62.5= UNDER)

Last season felt like it was one year too early for the Blue Jays to really compete, but this could be their year. I expect big things from Vlad Jr., and adding Gausman helps pad the loss of Robbie Ray. Look for them to kick some ass in 2022.

The Yankees and Red Sox I think will be neck-and-neck this season, as indicated in my over/under predictions. I think Boston overachieved last year, and I think the Yankees will hit their way into playoff contention.

Tampa is one of my favorite teams, I love how they develop their players and Wander Franco could be the best player in the game as soon as next season; but I just feel like the clock will strike midnight on their incredible success this year.

And who cares about Baltimore? They are by far the worst team in by far the best division in baseball. This could get ugly.

AL Central

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1- Chicago White Sox (O/U 91.5= UNDER)

2- Detroit Tigers (O/U 77.5=OVER)

3- Minnesota Twins (O/U 81.5= OVER)

4- Kansas City Royals (O/U 74.5= OVER)

5- Cleveland Guardians (O/U 76.5= UNDER)

I have the White Sox at a slight under, but still expect them to win this division with relative ease. They could suffer from lack of competition for the division title and lose more games than they should.

I am overly high on this Tigers team, I’ll admit it. But I think Spencer Torkelson has a chance to be an incredible homerun hitter as early as this year, and I think they have a chance to be a surprise contender in 2022.

Minnesota will be better than last season, but I don’t think the shocking signing of Carlos Correa will suddenly make them World Series contenders; look for them to disappoint again in 2022.

The Royals and Guardians are clearly the bottom two in this division, but I think Kansas City will be slightly better. Look for Bobby Witt Jr. to make a splash this summer for the Royals.

AL West

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1- Houston Astros (O/U 91.5= OVER)

2- Los Angeles Angels (O/U 83.5= OVER)

3- Texas Rangers (O/U 74.5= OVER)

4- Seattle Mariners (O/U 83.5 UNDER)

5- Oakland Athletics (O/U 68.5= UNDER)

I really wanted to pick the Angels here, but after the past, oh, 7 years I can’t in good faith pick the Angels to win this division. Mike Trout just doesn’t seem like he wants to play baseball, missing huge chunks of time every single season and squandering his chance to be the greatest player ever (never bought into that). Houston just has a vice grip on this division, and even losing Correa they still should take it again in 2022.

The Rangers made some splashy moves this winter, signing Corey Seager and Marcus Semien. I think these will help make them better and more competitive, but ultimately will not result in a playoff appearance.

Seattle will fall back towards the basement this year, and Oakland clearly has no intention of competing after the firesale they held this offseason. Maybe they didn’t expect to play this year, so that would have made this less egregious? Yikes.

NL East

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1- Philadelphia Phillies (O/U 86.5= OVER)

2- Atlanta Braves (O/U 91.5= UNDER)

3- New York Mets (O/U 88.5= UNDER)

4- Washington Nationals (O/U 71.5= OVER)

5- Miami Marlins (O/U 77.5= UNDER)

While I couldn’t bring myself to pick the Angels to win their division, I did take the leap with the Phillies. Adding Kyle Schwarber and Nick Castellanos give them the best offense in baseball, led by the actual best player in the game in Bryce Harper. Look for Philadelphia to mash their way to the playoffs in 2022.

The Braves got their title, but at what cost? They lost the face of the franchise in Freddie Freeman, and I expect somewhat of a letdown this season. Still competitive, but not as dominant as they have been the last five years.

The Mets seem primed to disappoint, especially now that deGrom is yet again sitting out with an injury. If he decides to pitch, they will be scary with him and Scherzer, but it will most likely be too late.

The Nats will be better this year solely because of Juan Soto and his gravitational pull, but still not good enough to make the playoffs. And the Marlins? Please. Their best player just walked away! (That’s Derek Jeter, the former part-owner for those of you who don’t know who I’m talking about).

NL Central

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1- St. Louis Cardinals (O/U 84.5= OVER)

2- Milwaukee Brewers (O/U 89.5= UNDER)

3- Chicago Cubs (O/U 75.5= OVER)

4- Pittsburgh Pirates (O/U 65.5= OVER)

5- Cincinnati Reds (O/U 74.5= UNDER)

This division is always just…boring. Aside from the 2015-17 Cubs, when was the last fun team in this division?

The Cardinals and Brewers will battle once again, but I see St. Louis pulling away towards the end of the season and taking the division. Milwaukee just doesn’t have enough offense to truly compete with the Cardinals.

The Cubs and Pirates are both rebuilding teams that will show some flashes of excitement this year, but won’t have enough to truly compete. And the Reds will be awful this year, an easy lock for under 75 wins.

NL West

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1- Los Angeles Dodgers (O/U 98.5= OVER)

2- Colorado Rockies (O/U 68.5= OVER)

3- San Francisco Giants (O/U 86.5= UNDER)

4- San Diego Padres (O/U 89.5= UNDER)

5- Arizona Diamondbacks (O/U 67.5= UNDER)

Who are we kidding, the Dodgers are awesome. They will moonwalk to the division crown.

The Rockies are the one that will probably throw up some alarms for people; but my justification is that every year there is that one team that comes out of nowhere to be a playoff team, and I’m betting on that team to be Colorado. I am a huge fan of Kris Bryant, and think he could be incredible in Colorado this year.

The Giants will regress back to the norm, especially losing Bryant and one of the best players of the last 13 years in Buster Posey. And the Padres… will once again be a massive disappointment. This franchise is destined to underachieve until they stop chasing stars and just put solid foundational players around Tatis. But with Tatis missing time to start the year, we could see this spiral yet again. And Arizona will be bad.

Playoff Predictions

AL Wild Card Round:

Los Angeles Angels def New York Yankees 2-1

Houston Astros def Boston Red Sox 2-0

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NL Wild Card Round:

Atlanta Braves def Colorado Rockies 2-0

St. Louis Cardinals def Milwaukee Brewers 2-1

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Toronto Blue Jays def Los Angeles Angels 3-1

Chicago White Sox def Houston Astros 3-2

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Los Angeles Dodgers def Atlanta Braves 3-0

Philadelphia Phillies def St. Louis Cardinals 3-1

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Toronto Blue Jays def Chicago White Sox 4-2

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Philadelphia Phillies def Los Angeles Dodgers 4-3

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World Series:

Getty Images

Toronto Blue Jays def Philadelphia Phillies 4-1 (WS MVP: Bo Bichette)

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Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Toronto Blue Jays)

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This is the year that Vlad Jr. arrives. He will have a monster season and lead the league in home runs and RBIs while leading Toronto to the best record in the American League.


Kris Bryant (Colorado Rockies)

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Bryant will get to Mile High and carry the Rockies to the playoffs, much like he took San Francisco from really good to great last season, and took the Cubs from rebuilding to champions in two years.

AL Cy Young:

Noah Syndergaard (Los Angeles Angels)

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This is a complete swing. Syndergaard can’t stay healthy, and the Angels can’t have a good pitcher. With all that said, I think this is the year of the Angels and he will thrive in that LA sunshine.

NL Cy Young:

Max Scherzer (New York Mets)

Getty Images

With deGrom out, Scherzer will have to carry the Mets and I trust him to light it up once again.


Spencer Torkelson (Detroit Tigers)

Getty Images

This was my easiest choice; Torkelson will have an awesome year for a team that wildly exceeds expectations.


Seiya Suzuki (Chicago Cubs)

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With so many worthy candidates, pull a name out of a hat and you might have the winner. I think Suzuki could have a nice season for a team that could be plucky.


Charlie Montoyo (Toronto Blue Jays)

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The BlueJays will have the best team in the American League, while all the other contenders have somewhat disappointing seasons.


Bud Black (Colorado Rockies)

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Taking this team to the playoffs would virtually guarantee Black this award.

There you have it! Our predictions for the 2022 MLB season. Make sure to check back in throughout the season to see which of my predictions will be right, and more important which ones will be wrong!

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