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Sports Movie Madness

Ever wonder what the best sports movie ever is? Wonder no more! Corns is back to navigate the Sports Movie Madness brackets and crown the ultimate Sports Movie Champion!

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With Superhero Movie Madness in the rearview mirror, it was time for The Circuit to move on to the next genre! We're back with the latest edition of the brackets; Sports Movie Madness! The 65 (arguably) best sports movies of all-time thrown into one field of chaos! Follow the link to check out the episode and play along with all the madness!

----------------------------------------- Bracket Spoilers Lie Ahead-------------------------------------

Here's who was on the famous "Committee" for the Sports Movie Madness selection process:

- Jack Nicholson

- Khloe Kardashian

- Drake

- Doris Burke

- Rob Gronkowski

- Phyllis Vance

- Rob Lowe

- Sally Field

And unfortunately, Ben Simmons was on the committee but he was too afraid to voice an opinion

so he just sat in the corner in his colorful outfits, wondering why he wasn't getting paid for not

doing the thing he gets paid to do.

Here's how the brackets broke down, in order to ensure fair and equal paths to the championship:

- 8 basketball films (2 per region, none paired against each other in the first round)

- 8 football films (2 per region, none paired against each other in the first round)

- 8 baseball films (2 per region, none paired against each other in the first round)

- 8 fighting films (2 per region, none paired against each other in the first round)

- 8 racing films (2 per region, none paired against each other in the first round)

- 8 blades/boards/bobsleds films (2 per region, none paired against each other in the first round)

- 4 golf/tennis films (1 per region)

-13 extra films

Now off to the regions! Let's start with the top overall seed out in the East Region in Philadelphia, PA:

A League of Their Own made the East a region of their own here, mowing down the competition into the Fin Four! Rocky, a Best Picture Winner, bowed out much earlier than the oddsmakers expected them to, losing in the Sweet 16 to #4 seed White Men Can't Jump. And look at those pesky Ducks, making a run themselves! Can Tom Hanks win it all? Keep scrolling to find out!

We're going to stay on that side of the bracket and head to the Soviet Union for the North Region, where the winner will take on the women's baseball league in the Fin Four!

Thank God Saint Ralph was short lived! This region went fairly according to plan, with many expecting it to come down to Field of Dreams vs. Karate Kid. I would've bet on Daniel, but hard to go against the King of the Sports Movie himself Kevin Costner! And Air IS a sports movie. You're insane if you think otherwise.

Now let's head to the other side of the bracket and look at the second overall seed in the South Region in Augusta, GA (because that's where the real life events that inspire the film take place. Leave me alone! This is hard! Let's see you make all this work!)

Holy underdog!!! Not only do we have an #11 seed IN THE FIN FOUR, but the #1 seed fell in the second round and the #2 seed lost in the first round! Sanda Bullock is going to kick somebody's ass for that one. Not a single top-4 seed made the Sweet 16, and an #8 vs. #11 in the Elite Eight... this is why we love sports!

Finally, we'll head to Oakland for the West Regional to see who will round out the Fin Four and take on the Average Joe's!

The disrespect for the Looney Tunes must end! In the biggest shocker of the tournament, Bring It On not only took down Michael Jordan and the Tune Squad, but also took down Lighting McQueen and collected a Piston Cup before bowing out to a pesky gopher. But amidst all that chaos in the bottom half of the region, we finally got some chalk in this tournament with #1 seed Moneyball winning the regional and heading to the Fin Four!

There it is! Not what I expected, and definitely not what was on my vision board. The Fin Four is set; 6 A League of Their Own (East) vs. 4 Field of Dreams (North), and 11 Dodgeball (South) vs. 1 Moneyball (West)! Who took home the gold, and who won the secret 3rd-place game???

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story!!! Does the name even do it justice? From an #11 seed to winning it all, this was a truly special run for Peter LeFleur, Steve the Pirate and the rest of the Average Joe's. And a special shoutout to Tom Hanks and A League of Their Own for taking down Brad Pitt and Moneyball in the secret 3rd place game! Somewhere, Scott Hatteberg is still on base and Art Howe is still pissed.

There you have it! Make sure to check back in for more great Movie Madness content here at The Circuit! Next up: Tom Cruise Movie Madness in August!

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