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Musical Movie Madness

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

From showtunes to historical dramas, the musical genre covers a wide array of notes and films. See which films, both new and old, could navigate the brackets and take home the Musical Movie Madness Crown!

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With Horror Movie Madness in the rearview mirror, it was time for The Circuit to move on to the next bracket! We're back with the latest edition; Musical Movie Madness! The 33 (in-arguably) best movies that make you want get up and dance of all-time thrown into one field of chaos! Follow the link to check out the episode and play along with all the madness!

----------------------------------------- Bracket Spoilers Lie Ahead-------------------------------------

Here's who was on the famous "Committee" for the Musical Movie Madness selection process:

- Greta Gerwig

- John Mulaney

- Greta Thunberg

- Adam Lambert

- First Lady Michelle Obama

- Hornswoggle

- Coco Gauff

- Aaron Paul

And unfortunately, we sent out an invite to Rachel Zegler, but she kept saying she had never watched musical and making very off-color comments, so we asked her to leave.

Now off to the regions! Let's start with the top overall seed out in the North Region in Austria:

The North Region kicked off the tournament with relative chalk, with the exception of High School Musical getting knocked out in the first round. In the battle of #1 vs #2 seeds in the Elite 8, Eddie moved and grooved his way to the Fin Four, leading the cult-classic Rocky Horror past the box office juggernaut Sound of Music!

Now let's head to Kansas for the South Region to see who will take on Rocky Horror Picture Show in the Fin Four!

WOW! In a movie madness first, ALL FOUR lower seeds advanced! I guess Dorothy was wrong when she said there's no place like home (court advantage). In a stunning turn of events, instead of Wizard of Oz vs. A Star is Born 2018, we got Tick...Tick...Boom! taking out Oliver! to get to the Fin Four. We don't call it Madness for nothing, folks!

Now let's take a trip to Hollywood to see how the West Region played out!

In what might be the biggest travesty in the history of movie madness, Oklahoma! takes down La La Land. We did get a run from Les Mis, so I guess that made up for it a touch. But in the end, Chicago could not be denied a spot in the Fin Four!

Time to wrap up the regions by heading East to New York City, to see whether the Jets or the Sharks could make it to the Fin Four (or someone else entirely)!

Another huge upset! Rita Morena denied twice here in the East, as Little Shop of Horrors scraps and chews its way past both Grease and the original West Side Story to win the region! Betting slips around the globe are on fire after the regionals are complete.

Who will win the ultimate Musical crown? And who won the secret 3rd place game? Let's check out the Fin Four!

Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon and the rest of the misfits and hooligans in the Rocky Horror cast survive the Fin Four and knock out Catherine Zeta-Jones, John C. Reilly and the rest of the Chicago Cast. And congrats to Rick Moranis and the rest of the Little Shop of Horrors cast for winning the secret 3rd place game! WHAT a tournament!

There you have it! Make sure to check back in for more great Movie Madness content here at The Circuit! Next up: Christmas Movie Madness in December!

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