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Movies & Podcorn Presents: Failure to Launch

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Ever wonder what happens when your kid refuses to move out of the house? What about when your favorite podcast refuses to take a week off? The latest episode of Movies & Podcorn presents Failure to Launch!

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Make sure to listen to our Failure to Launch pod, which you can find here!

PLUS, make sure to check out our season 1 finale where we created our Pixar Hall of Fame! You can check that out here!

Movies & Podcorn is the first official podcast from The Circuit, and hosts Adam & Joey decided to continue their journey by exploring the realm of 21st century comedies!

We continue our journey and the wedding theme with the 2006 comedy Failure to Launch, directed by Tom Dey and starring Matthew McConnaughey , Sarah Jessica Parker, Zoey Deschanel, Terry Bradshaw, Bradley Cooper and more! We talk about our thoughts on the film, raise some legitimate questions about the film, hand out some Corny Awards, and more!

Here are just some of the highlights from the pod to wet your appetite:

“I have always loved this movie”- Joey

“Paula is TERRIBLE at her job”- Adam

“I don’t understand why these guys all live at home?”- Joey

“The dad is letting it all hang out with some confidence”- Adam

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