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MJ vs. LeBron: Who Won the Space Jam? Podcast

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

The battle for the Greatest of All-Time in basketball heated up this summer when LeBron stepped into the Space Jam. Adam and Zach weigh in on who actually won.

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Here at The Circuit, we love to talk about movies. For our first foray into the land of podcasts, Zach and Adam give a review of both Space Jam and Space Jam: A New Legacy and debate over which film is better.

The Olympic Circuit Podcast, the signature show here at The Circuit, awards Gold Medals in different categories when breaking down movies, shows, sports, or whatever the topic may be. For this episode, some of the categories include:

- MJ vs. LeBron: Who was better?

- Looney Tunes: Who was the best Tune?

- Which game was better?

For those answers and many more, click on the link and watch our video to get your Space Jam fix!

Thanks for watching, and make sure to continue to check out all the great content here at The Circuit!

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