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How to be a Gamer for Spotify

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

So you want to be a gamer for Spotify eh? Let me tell you some simple steps from a Spotify enthusiast who has been at it since 2015. Now I wouldn't say I'd perfected my technique and really became a gamer until 2020. I'll keep it simple, 4 easy steps.

Step 1) Search for new music constantly.

"Discover weekly" "Release Radar"

"This is Lil Toe"

When you're thinking of going to sleep, don't. Instead search for new trap metal in the "Tirade" Spotify playlist.

Step 2) Never like a song.

Liking a song shows your lack of playlist development.

This is a sign of weakness, do not engage.

Step 3) Become a architect of playlists.

The more the better so you better get cracking.

Whatever genre or mood or memory you can relate to a song, make it a playlist. Alternative, 8th grade memories, parents, country, sad, chill, R & B, movie soundtracks, edm, relationships, general rap, emo rap, screamo-rap, etc.

Step 4) Pay for your own Spotify subscription.

If you don't, your "Year in Review" and "On Repeat" will be infected with Kirk Franklin.

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