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Christmas Movie Madness

From Santa Claus to Rudolph, from the Grinch to Frosty and every other magical creature, we break down the greatest Christmas movies ever made to see who will take home the Movie Madness crown!

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With Musical Movie Madness in the rearview mirror, it was time for The Circuit to move on to the next bracket! We're back with the latest edition; Christmas Movie Madness! The 33 (in-arguably) best movies that make you want make gingerbread cookies and wrap presents of all-time thrown into one field of chaos! Follow the link to check out the episode and play along with all the madness!

----------------------------------------- Bracket Spoilers Lie Ahead-------------------------------------

Here's who was on the famous "Committee" for the Musical Movie Madness selection process:

- Mariah Carey

- Tom Brady

- Iman Vellani

- Michael Buble

- Haley Van Lith

- Mick Foley

- The Girl Who Sells Me Movie Tickets

- Chris Christie

And unfortunately, we sent out an invite to Aaron Boone, but unfortunately he got ejected before we even started so he had to forfeit his seat.

Now off to the regions! Let's start with the top overall seed out in the West Region:

I know what you're thinking: What on Earth is a Hallmark movie doing knocking off one of the greatest Christmas movies ever made in The Santa Clause 2??? Wish I could tell ya. But other than that, this region was mostly chalk with the exception of Miracle chopping down the Griswold Family Christmas Tree in the Elite 8!

Now let's head to the South Region to see who will take on Miracle on 34th Street in the Fin Four!

Poor Charlie Brown; first he gets a rock for Halloween and then gets an upset for Christmas! But ultimately, it turns out not Tim Allen, Krampus, nor a BB gun could take down THE Kevin McCallister.

Now let's take a trip up North Region to see how the toy is made in the North Pole!

This region provided some of the most exciting matchups of the tournament! Vince Vaughn vs. Vince Vaughn, lifeless souls vs. Muppets, and Buddy the Elf vs. Olive the Other Reindeer. I thought the Muppets were going to take it all the way, but Buddy hit Kermit with too may snowballs to overcome. Hopefully he doesn't eat any yellow snow in the Fin Four!

Time to wrap up the regions by heading East to New York City, to determine once and for all if every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings!

Well if you were disappointed with the lack of upsets in the first round, hang onto your Santa hats! In a stunning Elite 8 matchup, Arnold outlasted Tim Burton to guide Jingle All the Way to the Fin Four in one of the more surprising semi-finalists in the history of Movie Madness!

Who will win the ultimate Christmas crown? And who won the secret 3rd place game? Let's check out the Fin Four!

The dream run continued! Arnold vs. Ferrell, Buddy vs. Turbo Man. What an upset! But the Cinderella run comes up just short, losing to the 1947 classic Miracle on 34th Street! (Check out all of our thoughts on that film in the Christmas Movie Madness winning episode)

And in the secret 3rd-Place Game, that pesky Kevin set up traps and took down Buddy, Papa Elf, Santa and the rest of the Elf crew to secure the bronze for Home Alone!

There you have it! Make sure to check back in for more great Movie Madness content here at The Circuit! Next up: 2023 Movie Madness in February!

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